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3D virtual tours

Experience rooms, spaces and objects in life-like forms from your computer or smartphone's display.


Interactive 3D tours take you through the interiors and exteriors of objects and give you the ability to interact with and configure them as you go.


Augmented reality

This cutting edge technology allows you to add digital content and depth to the objects you see around you.


With the help of the sensors and camera in your mobile device your reality is augmented with a new layer of digital information – video, photos and sounds which appear as overlays on the objects in front of you. The latest model of your car, a new café, exotic jewelry and whatever else you could wish for literally pops into the palms of your hands.

Virtual reality

Step into the heart of your fantasy-land. What has long been available only in the stories of science fiction writers is now available to you, with some help from ultra-modern technologies.


With the help of special goggles you will no longer look at things from the outside. Take your customers to the future and present your showroom, a meadow and brook with your newest scooter models featured in the landscape. They can walk through the hillside, see the wind's breeze on the tall grass, and check out the scooter!

Do you have an idea for a video game...?

There are a number of details involved: free or paid / simple or complex / MMO / single or multi-player / originality and similarity with existing games / integration with social networking sites / integrating advertisements, analytics or cloud-based services...


The range of possibilities is as varied as the gaming industry itself and its gaming community. Contact us and we'll walk you through the complicated process of making a game from your first idea up to the successful releasing of your project.


Tailoring Unity to fit

We were among the first companies in the Czech Republic to begin developing in Unity.


Today we have a wealth of experience with the platform, so much so that we are able to make our own improvements and create extensions to the Unity editor by writing plugins to extend the functionality. We develop smart software and thanks to that our work is more effective. We're happy to share our plugins and Unity experience with other Unity developers and, likewise, if you have an idea of your own about a way to improve Unity, but don't know where to start, we'd be glad to help. We'd be glad to build it for you.


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