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A 3D soccer app set in Prague's old city. It runs on iOS and Android mobile devices. Soccerinho takes player through the alleys of early 20th century Prague. The graphics are based on black and white period photos. Soccerinho was nominated for debut game of the year by the Czech games association.

For this project our studio provided:
  • Analysis and proposal of application architecture
  • Programming of individual game modules       

  • Gameplay programing

  • Performance optimization

    • algorithms

    • shaders

    • memory (footprint reductions)

    • physics

  • Scene lighting

  • Setting up of physical models

  • Implementation of user interface according to provided specifications.

  • Integration of textured 3D models

  • Integration of sounds provided by the client

  • Integration of analytics software

  • Preparation of packages for placement on the AppStore and GooglePlay

  • Releasing the application on the AppStore and GooglePlay

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