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  • web   

  • mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows phone, BlackBerry)

  • virtual reality platforms (Oculus Rift)

  • contactless devices (the Leap Motion Controller)

  • Using your suggestions as a basis we formulate a plan for the project

  • We do a full analysis based on supplied materials

  • Implementation:

    • 1.   Build 2D graphical UI and UX

    • 2.   Build 2D, or 3D graphics models using supplied 2D/3D files you supply or images/models we create based on your ideas

    • 3.  Programming, developing and testing (games include also level design) with an ongoing involvement of the client

    • 4.   Integration with social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, iOS ...)

    • 5.   Intensive beta testing

  • Launching project

  • Follow-up support and updates

  • (Optional) extension of functionality and content


Unity ( is the industry leader, and world's most widely used tool, for creating games and 3D applications.                                                              


The benefits of Unity are:

  • A wide variety of platforms (PC, Mac, web, phones, consoles, Smart TV ...)

  • Access to the 1.1 billion gamers already using Unity

  • Low production costs – your project is easily exported to a range of platforms

  • Scalability – performance optimization from the oldest to the newest and most powerful devices

  • Marketing support from Unity Technologies for innovative games and projects.

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